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The responsibility of JUPEB, Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board, is to conduct examination for students. These students would have undergone training on some required subjects. Students that pass some specific grade marks gain admission directly into a Nigerian university.

JUPEB is a National Examination body saddled with the responsibility of conducting examinations for students, who have undergone approved subject combinations and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into Nigerian and partnering foreign tertiary institutions.

The JUPEB Advanced Level Programme runs for a period of two (2) Semesters after which a successful JUPEB student graduates into 200 Level in the University through Direct Entry. All courses are available for JUPEB Programme. Candidates seeking admission into the JUPEB Programme must possess a minimum of five (5) credits in relevant ‘O’ Level subjects from WAEC or NECO. Awaiting results can also apply. The Program is guided by the approved JUPEB syllabus whose contents cover up to 100 Levels of the university and above, which must be taught within a period of two(2) semesters. JUPEB Result is being accepted by 80% of Nigerian Universities, most especially the southern-based ones and all private tertiary Institutions in the country.

Duration of Academic Programme

The duration of the Programme of courses for the Board’s Examination is a minimum of one academic session of two semesters.

Entry Qualifications

The Basic Qualification for Enrolment is a minimum of five (5) Credit Passes at the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSCE) /General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level in subjects relevant to the desired university program or course of study.

How To Be Eligible For JUPEB Direct Entry

Any student that wants to take advantage of JUPEB will first decide on the course he or she wants to study at the university. Then go through some academic training based on the JUPEB program and if he gets the required grade in the JUPEB exam, he gets admission into his or her chosen university to study his/her desired course.

To explain further…

The student will register for JUPEB, pick 3 subjects related to the proposed course and a general subject. At the end of the program, the student will take the JUPEB examination.

One subject will be divided into four courses and all students two courses out of all the subjects in a semester. At the end of the second semester, the results of all the courses will be calculated together to get a final grade point.

Students will take 12 courses obtained from the 3 required subjects, and 4 courses from the general subject. Which takes the total sum of courses per semester to be 8.

It is the university that will suggest the relevant and general subjects to be taken for each course at the university. Each student will get a certificate at the end of the program, the certificate will indicate the performance of the student in grades A, B, C, D, and E in each subject.

Some of the universities do have other conditions for each student to adhere to in addition to the JUPEB examination certificate. As a student, you are advised to comply with the university you will choose.


Before Applying for JUPEB Many Students will want to know the course they are going to Tak related to there field of studies. these are explained on the Table bellow.

Option/Fields Subject Combinations
Arts Government/Literature in English/Christian Religious Studies (GLCRS), History/Literature/Christian Religious Studies (HLCRS), Economics/Government/Literature in English (EGL).
Social Sciences Economics/Government/Mathematics (EGM), Economics/Geography/Government (MGE).
Management Sciences Accounting/Mathematics/Business Studies (AMB), Mathematics/Accounting/Geography (MAG)
Sciences Agricultural Science/Biology/Chemistry, Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology

How To Study Smart And Pass JUPEB

Let us start this part with a secret. What is the secret?

If you want to excel beyond your colleagues in school, start reading your book 2 days before the exam.

Why is this a secret? Because most students study a day before the exam.

And if you know that studying 2 days before the exam will give you an edge above your colleagues. How good will you be when you start studying 5 months earlier.

I hope you get the idea.

You can use the method I am about to share in different ways. I have tried my best to share how it worked for me and some of my friends. This study method is based on 2 important learning techniques, understanding and memorizing.

You can use the method I am about to share in different ways. I have tried my best to share how it worked for me and some of my friends. This study method is based on 2 important learning techniques, understanding and memorizing.