How to pass an oral exam without knowing anything? Success strategy

You need to look confident and prepared.

Get into the office quietly, feel free to pick up a ticket, don’t let sad replies befall you. Whatever the reason.

Don’t say ‘I don’t know’ no matter what happens there, you just ‘don’t remember’.

Create an impression of an erudite man

Build complex expressions that are overloaded with introductions. Use smarter words, terms, external borrowings.

Maybe the teacher, hearing a favorite word in his ear, will immediately stop interrogating and say “excellent.”

The effect of your expression is directly proportional to its length and complexity

Speak non-stop, formally stick to the topic, use the information from the teacher to make your talk look like nonsense. Speak in a solid monotonous voice.

Relax the teacher’s vigilance and create the illusion that key information is already outlined.

Present the information with a smart look and excitement

Show your genuine interest in the topic and dedication to the topic. You will gain teacher respect and create the illusion of good subject knowledge.

Reference to independent sources

Quote, name more names, dates, information about books, movies, programs, personal experiences, and other subject lectures.

How about your imagination and creativity?

Even if you don’t know the answer, try to think and say it by accident.

One of my friends has been able to prove that the geometry of the geometry that is incomprehensible to him is almost correct.

If you know the answer to the first question on the ticket and only half the answer to the second question, then say something like: “Let me answer the second question first, because I understand it best,” and then start confidently, calmly and without stopping. . You will be stopped and asked to go to the first question, but you know him well.

Dress accordingly

If the husband left the teacher, he would subconsciously see his rival in all the beautiful students. If his son can’t find a good job, he will, without realizing it, introduce all his energetic students to his rivals.

Therefore, a beautifully dressed student should temporarily abandon the miniature and the neck, and the student should imagine a modest young man.

On the contrary, if the teacher is always dressed in style and looks like a needle, you should not take the exam at the Cluyevka Village lounge.

Get the answer in the top five volunteers

There was a stereotype from which those who responded were the first to respond. Even if you mix something up, your courage will count on you.

At the end of the day the investigator is already tired, but you are exhausted. In this case, try answering a weak student. And better for the D-League. Against this background you will look better.

It is important to think about exams even when a new subject begins and a new teacher appears.

No, I’m not talking about learning. Build good authority, and you will not be blamed.

Try to establish good relationships with the teacher in advance

You don’t have to have fun shooting her hair out of her hair, breaking the class with interesting jokes, or inviting a special committee to check out the cockroaches in the dormitory before the final exams. (We had such an advocate for student rights, he finished in a trio in all countries.)

Create an interesting student impression

Sometimes ask the teacher some interesting questions about the lesson or share new information with him: read from magazines or heard on TV.

Ask the teacher, of course, about his degrees, dissertations, scientific publications. Rest assured that you will be appreciated and remembered.

Help the teacher in a difficult situation

Help organize an amateur show or community work day, actively participate in theater production, or write articles in a wall newspaper.

In other words, if you do not want to be meticulous, you may be able to turn to the teacher’s arm in time, be helpful, or talk from the heart.

Keep in touch with senior students

You can always find ready-made controls, labs, abstracts and term papers. And they know all the weaknesses of teachers, they know which lectures you need to attend, and where you can’t show, what exams you can get, and where to ask them.

Find the right person, feed him beer, and memorize his phone.

Try to get a machine gun on the subject

Perhaps you just need to look at the lectures by the end of the semester and go through some abstracts. (see paragraph 4)

Encourage the supervisor to indicate your presence at the lectures, even if you throw them home with the help of chocolates.

How to take a test without knowing anything about black methods?

Early childbirth

Make sure you find out what the conditions are.

If you answer with another group, give up better.

If you sit down with everyone during the lecture, this is a great opportunity. Even if you are seated on the first desk, wait until the teacher turns to the board. Remember that when a teacher speaks, it is more convenient and interesting to look at the audience, rather than the one who buried himself on a piece of paper.

“Massa piercing” method

Take a bottle of brandy, a box of chocolate, and go to the teacher. In no case only on the day he met or in the morning a grim face as his wife did not give.

Go on Saturday or Friday nights when the teacher is looking forward to a relaxing day. Your gifts will be helpful.

The main thing is to be poor. If the teacher picks up the bottle and does not drive, then the exam will have a completely different attitude to you.


Find yourself. So the information in your head will be put once again.

Try to learn the basics of the course and the answers to your favorite questions from the teacher.

Do not hold the tires on your feet, under the desk and where it is difficult to see.

The impulse should be in the ball pen and the head should be turned in the pen. Do not make any head movements or sudden movements.

Never write off books and manuals. Don’t be lazy with skorgalki writing. There is definitely time to prepare for the exam.


Bombs are ready-made response sheets that will replace your piece of paper. Think about how you will get them.

Write a bomb with a blank sheet of paper underneath it. Press the pen firmly to print the words on a white sheet. Take out the notes and bring in the impression of printing the white leaflet. Then simply scroll through the invisible letters.

Technical means

Record answers for the player, voice recorder, phone, and use wireless headphones. It is better to hide the headset with an elastic band or under a scarf.

You can put a photo cheat sheet on your phone, download ready-made scrolls or textbooks from the Internet, save the information in the SMS project.

Certification Disease

Even if it is clear before you even enter the office that you have no chance, run to the hospital for a certificate today. It is better to fail the exam than to fail.

How to pass the exam without knowing anything and failing?

Fight to the end

If you want to cause failure, ask an additional question: cry out, tell something. You’re worried, you’re nervous. Your hamster died the day before.

Take the direction to recover

Hurry to the dean’s office and ask for the right to recruit.

If the Dean’s Office does not give him / her until you have completed all the examinations, please contact another Dean’s Office. Do not forget about the method with sweets and brandy. Pay attention to the secretary. He can help too. Charm, sweets and coffee must already be served here.

You can ask to refer to any teacher who teaches the same courses. Only come to an agreement with him beforehand.

And the last divisive word for those who want to pass the test without knowing anything.

The teacher initially gave a positive assessment, he did not want to blame you and spend your personal time unless of course you put your hair on the back of your cigarette, you did not call a commission to check the operation of cockroaches, and did not say. a newspaper where all the teachers at your university take a bribe. He is not your enemy. Help her put this desired mark on your classrooms.

Where and how to meet a boy.

Will a 15-year-old girl be jailed for pregnancy? What …

How to make your boyfriend a romance?

How to live with a legitimate mother? My mother-in-law is a monster.

People often end up in hopeless situations. The misfortune is that it is easy to get into, but getting out is a real job in understanding your life and the problem you are facing. But anyway, you can find a way out, only it will be so painful for us, it depends only on us and none.

What to do when you don’t know what to do?

Have you stopped this? I’m sure yes. At times we all find ourselves in situations where we feel lost and helpless. This, as you might guess, is not good. 🙂 And it’s fun to find out, understand what’s going on and how to deal with it. Well, what happens, at first glance, seems obvious. Something man does not know … and-and-and all.

Of course no: Things like this can happen to us even when we are well-trained in knowledge and even experience. In one of my previous articles I already said that any negative habits are. Moreover, the habit we have probably learned from early childhood. In this case everything is the same.

All habits work like computer programs, that is, a clear sequence of commands. And they are triggered by what is happening to us. And if this event in some way reminds you of an unpleasant event in your early childhood, it is likely that you will experience the experiences you have experienced at that time. And as a child, we were all very often puzzled.

Well, with that I think everything is clear. The main thing is that it is precisely the understanding that we have to resist the habit. And they are very much like reflexes. What do we do if we need to resist certain reflexive actions? We prepare   ourselves so that you do not do what you require at the right time.

So here it is. However, there are too many moments that we can potentially be in awe of … what are we waiting for? Of course not: And it won’t work, although being alert is the best strategy for behavior. But we are going to derive our real opportunities. And we must all learn in the UNITED KINGDOM to start breathing deeply and evenly.

This is easy to do with minimal effort. Every day we have a sea of ​​unexpected trivia that we usually don’t pay attention to. But now you can use them well. I realized that the event was unexpected. I began to breathe deeply and evenly. In a few days this will start to happen without much effort. And the most interesting thing is when you have the experience and something that really bothers you. You will catch yourself starting to breathe evenly and deeply, remember why you trained   this exercise and the true meaning of this article.

All of these actions will not allow you to start a confusion program, and you will quickly understand what works best in this situation.

The first thing is to stop the pain for you, assess the situation in a healthy way, and fight pessimism and fear.   You have to fight your fear, which does not allow you to breathe deeply. We need to get used to looking positively at the current situation and the world around us.

Make the choice

Making a choice is not easy, and it doesn’t matter what field of life it is about. And when we think about where to go between the two paths, we are constrained by the fear of wrong choices and continue to suffer. Therefore, you should always go ahead and be responsible for every step you take as an adult, independent person does. You need to control yourself, learn to weigh the positive and negative consequences, accept that you too can make a mistake.

The first step

You should not be afraid of being mistaken. Try not to ask yourself a question. I just don’t know what to do in this situation, what to do. There is no one who does not make mistakes, even the most intelligent and wise people make mistakes. You should be thankful that you have your own “chest experience”, that you get  because this is the most important thing in your life, and it is this experience that will allow you to become stronger and stronger to endure other life’s difficulties. So take control of life with your own hands and never let fear dictate your actions. Also don’t be afraid of life changes, only in the swamp everything flows quietly and the water in the mountain river is always boiling. So don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. It is always worth repeating to yourself both loudly and to yourself that change is only good, and any change will lead you to new, better results. By putting yourself in such a mini-training, you will begin to realize that your hopeless situation is simply a situation where there is more than one way out.

Change the attitude of the problem

You are not the only person on Earth who has found himself in a difficult situation. So many well-known and well-known people have experienced life’s difficulties and more serious. And how many unknown people survived? We think a lot. You can easily find some similar stories on the internet and read how people were able to get out of them. Again, maybe you just don’t want to get out of your normal life, but that’s what you need. It often happens when people maintain outdated relationships or work in the workplace, which only gives a negative impression because they do not respect you and value you. Why is it happening? The fact is that the reason for our despair is low self-esteem. That’s why it’s important to understand our problem and get out of it, no matter what,

Work on self-evaluation

When you say to yourself, What can I do, I don’t even know, that means your self-esteem is greatly underestimated. So start working on it. If you don’t, then you have n’t taken it you ‘re more likely to return to your former lamentable place. You have to love yourself and not be “holy”, that is, let everyone mock you or apply a second cheek for a facial slap. And one should not be lazy, because often it is laziness that causes a deadlock. By telling everything about your “fables” and excuses, you begin to believe them yourself. So think carefully about what you are saying, maybe you have talked about the problem yourself and are just lazy to solve it.

Laziness is your enemy

Fight laziness as if it is your worst enemy. Boost your motivation, not just say the words in the wind. You can write possible solutions to your situation on paper. Record even the most beautiful, such as “fly to the moon” or “drive someone to Africa.” Write everything down and read it over time, you will find that some of your notes are worthy of applause.

Pity away

Who has not enjoyed the pleasure of self-confidence? “Probably I’m so unhappy. Turn my head, say everything will be okay …” But as good as it is, no one asks at that moment … On the contrary, make goals, forget about the people who offending and bringing you only negative things in your life, even if you depend on them financially, think about how to deal with this tendency. Don’t let people feel sorry for you, don’t let them admit that you have no way out, that the “rock of destiny” is to blame for everything, it’s all a lie. Look at the country’s elite, many are “stuck” in their lives because of their strength. Imagine for a moment James James Bond. Think if he would have regretted himself in such a situation, could he have been idle? The answer is obvious, of course not. We hope you understood your problem a little bit and realized,

Therefore, if you say to yourself, I just do not know what to do, we have to stop and think about what is happening and not to think of something a take   and then go ahead and organize your life.

So, 7 steps

Step One – Relax

Give up, stop suffering, stop tearing your hair and not lose sight of it .   Let me relax. Take a bath, drink a cup of coffee (tea, compote). Brandy is better not to mix. If possible, make sure you sleep well.

Step Two – In front of nature

How often in cities do people, especially adults, get locked up in their bird houses? And if you read these lines, you probably regularly dive into social networking, personal blogs, online gaming, and other Internet fun, which is not so easy for even a person with a stable psychology.

So forward to nature. One week is preferable. But if circumstances do not allow for the whole day. If it’s really bad. 2-3 hours in the park with the dog, the bike, the skates, the kids or the fair, alone with you, thinking about the harmony of nature and enjoying the beauty of the current year.

After that the fear will start to dissolve, the anxiety will disappear. And useful thoughts come from Olympus. If that didn’t happen then

Step Three – Issue

Take a piece of paper and write down everything you do not like about your life. Describe in detail the situation in which they drove themselves, or someone drove you. Describe someone, just in case (he won’t know). Don’t save paper.

Decide that it really doesn’t suit you. Then, without much regrets, you can once and for all be part of your unheard of work, hurtful friends, fear, pity, anger.

Forgive everyone and yourself first. Forgiveness will set you free and bring you extra energy.

If you feel sorry for something, you will have to live the way you did before you click again.

If you don’t know what to do,

it is better not to do anything.

The great mind sets goals;

other people follow their wishes. (1)

Even greater thoughts, called the wise, overcoming their own selfish vital and mental desires, try to disguise the divine idea, find out the goals of the universe, and pursue their fulfillment.

But these are all high issues, we will start with banal everyday life. You often find yourself in a situation where it is difficult for you to make a decision, you are not sure of the right choice, or you have little idea what to do at the moment, or you just have nothing to do. With rare exceptions, often enough. And what, let me ask you, what are your actions?

In fact, as you probably already know, the technique is brilliant. “When you don’t know what to do, it’s better not to do it here.” Let’s try to explain. In all cases and situations where there is no clear information, instructions, commands, knowledge about what to do at a particular historical moment, what to do, your task is to do nothing as far as possible, that is: do not make additional movements of body and mind. Sit literally here and do nothing, and it is even better to sleep and sleep – to rest, regain strength and save vital energy. Here you can guide the practices of Orthodoxy for centuries: clever silence, mysticism, Buddhism, yoga – silence in times of “inactivity” you can do prayer, meditation, thinking. And don’t worry,

Es Roadside Entries   Eighty-year-old Sonya walks around me and reveals:

“Mom, well, I have nothing to do … What should I do? .. Can I turn on the TV? “

– Want to tell yourself how you can figure out what to do? – I remembered the technique. – Lie on the couch, relax and ask God. “What should I do?” And listen to what they tell you. Just listen carefully and don’t invent yourself.

Sonia went, lay down on the couch, and a minute later she got up and sang her shoulders so thoughtfully, she sang:

– Hmm, no answer. Occupied:

You wake up in the morning, you probably have a plan of the day. Get up, wash, have breakfast, meet work standards, go to the store, cook dinner, and more. As you live the day, you are following your elaborate plan, which includes all the tasks that are necessary for today, which is important to do today. And you do it all the time. You know and go. As a rule, days for working-class people are scheduled in literally minutes, and no questions or doubts arise. “But what to do next? You only pray for one thing: “If only everything were sufficient strength and time.” Well, if you live according to the strategy of your life and your own conscience, we can only be happy for you, you have no time free of boredom and inaction.

But if, suddenly, in the middle of a white day, you don’t know what to do the next day, the quiet panic gradually develops into a senseless prostitute. “What shall I do? After all, you have to do something. I can’t sit idle. ” And here it is important not to let this work fall into the temptation of “inventing” for itself, that is: make yourself do something that absolutely no one needs; start calling your girlfriends, go shopping, wash the floor for the tenth time in the last week, sit down to learn Portuguese … You never know what a person can think of, starting from boredom and then being surprised to even watch TV in the evening There was no energy left, the wallet was empty, and the important things were kind of forgotten.

  Idleness does not refer to the fact that one is literally “idle”. No, bread is always busy. Talking idle on the phone (sometimes for hours), visiting, sitting on the TV and watching everything, sleeping a long time, inventing different things for him. In general, the bakery is always very busy … (2)

What to do: Do not hurry and hurry. Sit (or lie down if conditions permit), relax, relax, and spend a few minutes alone with yourself. You can work with the mantra (Lesson Sleeping well, but it’s rare; for good professionals and employees there is practically no way that they have nothing to do. Therefore, we guarantee that in a few minutes you will get a very simple and simple idea. What good would you do right now? And you just get up and start the task. And now, if you are sure of its necessity and correctness, then put forth all your efforts, complete the work to the end, no matter what it is worth to you.

Of course, it is na միve to expect that some ingenuity will come to you, although we do not exclude this option either, but it is most likely a regular household business that you have been thinking about for a long time and knew that sooner or later it should have been done, but now you have just been instructed that it should be done right now: water blossom, cook borscht, wash curtains, go to the store, write a letter, grab socks, play with the baby, or maybe cut, paint, glue … That’s everything. Nothing is complicated. If the thought arose. “I would not read Anna Karenina again. Take it and read it. Who knows what meaningful depths will be opened to you today in modern conditions? Maybe you find a solution that worries you all year long. Who knows … Yes, the same rational “something I haven’t called Masha long ago” now, after it has happened to you in this way, it will be necessary and sufficient, and Masha will be amazed for a long time. “I’ve been thinking about you all week, but I just couldn’t get through” rather than shouting, “And don’t you get tired of calling you?” If it is better today to do nothing at all, then no thought will come to your mind; you will leave with a conscience for a couple of hours until the new urgent problem wakes you up at that moment. After all, maybe it’s time to relax, save energy, and the body, knowing everything better than you, has chosen the right moment for it, because only it knows what you will do in two hours and what your strengths will cost. And when you sleep, you will rise and be refreshed and continue your day and achieve far more effective results for the issues that are really important to you,

For example, suppose you are a business man, and suddenly you have a window in the middle of the workday, and most importantly, you do not really know how to end your day, that is, your outline plan today seems to be exhausted, and you rush to the gym without thinking about it or “asking for advice” in the hope of shedding extra pounds. But suddenly, an hour after you start your physical activity, you receive a message from the secretary that you are invited to a responsible meeting, and that you are unable to give up, with sweat and soap, exhausted, uneasy, hungry, rushing to someone else. end of town to return to office. The result: During the conversation you are wondering if you look decent and do not smell of sweat, your stomach hurts, and therefore, the content of the conversation is swimming and the decision is rough. Do it differently, sit down and think for an extra five minutes, you will understand that you will be able to look back on all the planned contract documents today, request additional information, at least just relax or go to a restaurant. Dine, and at the same time think twice, you see, and the contract will be concluded on more favorable terms. And all your work should not be hurried and an elementary question: “What to do now?” And so on in everything and always. Just in our opinion, brilliant. Dine, and at the same time think twice, you see, and the contract will be concluded on more favorable terms. And all your work should not be hurried and an elementary question: “What to do now?” And so on in everything and always. Just in our opinion, brilliant. Dine, and at the same time think twice, you see, and the contract will be concluded on more favorable terms. And all your work should not be hurried and an elementary question: “What to do now?” And so on in everything and always. Just in our opinion, brilliant.

As you master this technique and reshape your life, your daily schedule will gradually improve with time and effort, meaning that there will be more and more of them, so you will more and more often find yourself in the situation described above. And every time you spend some free time, try to calm down, relax and ask yourself the question “What should I do now” and a few minutes later your brain (you can now call it “my intuition” for now, although we will tell you immediately that it is not his / her) will provide you with the necessary information and present your field of business. So slowly all your urgent materials and daily tasks will be resolved first, and then the opportunities will open in all three components of self-development: body, soul, mind. There will be times and circumstances for the sport, good rest, reading, training, conversation, conversation, etc. .

And how do you ask them to act when the answer to a question from the outside world is required in a matter of seconds, and you are at a loss and cannot make a decision at lightning speed? Whenever possible, it is better to delay asking, such as “morning is wiser than evening”, to delay as long as possible and try to wait (or think) for a simple, unambiguous answer when you are convinced that this is the only way. We repeat: It is recommended to take any action only if you are absolutely sure that it is necessary and right for you at the moment. If you really need an immediate response, trust your first feeling or body. If there is a real danger, the psychotherapist must prove himself, the body will certainly respond. Unfortunately, in the cases previously established, which have already become fatal, it will be extremely difficult to help you, though it is impossible. Try to start learning, maybe if you can, you will have opportunities to influence events not only in the present and in the future but also in the past.

Unless there is an immediate answer to the question, “do nothing” does not mean putting the problem aside, like the infamous Scarlett (“I won’t think about it today, I’ll think about it tomorrow”) and forget about it. It is important to keep thinking about it, analyze it, look for a way out and try to make a decision. It is only in your anxiety that it is possible and will eventually “enlighten” you. And again. It is better to start with real actions when you are convinced that the enlightened solution is right, that is: re-analyze everything from beginning to end.

“I’m summing up the situation,” Ostap said happily. – Commitment. No penny money, three chairs leaving the river, no place to sleep, and not one badge of a children’s commission. Active. The Volga Travel Guide One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Years (I had to take it from Monser Simbevich’s cabin). Insufficient balance is very difficult to bring. You have to spend the night at the tavern. … The situation is much more serious than I expected. It seems to me to be an unsolved problem to make money from the residents of Vasukin. And we need money at least thirty rubles. First of all, we have to eat, and secondly, take over the circulation zone and meet the Columbians on land in Stalingrad.

Ippolit Matveyevich curled like an old thin cat after a shootout with a young adversary, the zealous master of rooftops, floors and dormers.

Ostap walked along the benches thinking and comparing. One morning the magnificent plan was ready. Bender lay next to his companion and slept. (3)

And as you probably guessed, one of the most dangerous expressions in our lives is the question “How will you kill time?” If you belong to the caste of “killers of the time”, to those who frequently ask this question, we can confidently say that there is no Subject, no Idea, no Strategic Significance to which your daily tactics are subject. Indeed, the internal pursuit of purpose guarantees permanent employment, even if it does not concern the specific implementation of projects, but rather the expansion of knowledge and skills on the chosen topic, that is: about self-education and self-development. Truly purposeful people have days painted in minutes, and those who have achieved solid results in their field and pursued serious careers, often they do not even have a hall and a well-deserved vacation. Moreover, they have to pay close attention to one particular component of the Trinity, guiding them in their activities, sometimes to the detriment of the other two.

– We have very little money.

“You keep saying that.”

“Maybe it’s time to get a job.”

“I’m not going to work.” I already have a good job, and I can’t afford to make money earning time. (4)

You do not know what to take your free time. But others know it well. They will not be able to tell you where to invest your time and money, and sometimes health. Look, don’t fall for the bait. ‘Filter the market’, that is, understand what many media outlets do to someone’s job, work for someone else’s (not yours) pocket entertainment companies who care about their sectarian aspirations, and so on. In no case do we despair of resting and having fun, we are simply urging you to be more careful.

Better for the better people to live in the city. One can live in the city for hundreds of years and not miss the fact that it has long since died and decayed. There is no time to deal with yourself, everything is busy. Cases, public relations, health, art, children’s health, their upbringing. You have to accept them and these, go to them and them. then you have to look at this, hear this or this. Indeed, there are at least one, or even two, three celebrities at any given moment in the city who cannot be missed. You need to behave yourself one way or another, then teachers, educators, managers, and life is empty. Here’s how we lived and felt less sorry for coexistence. (5)

It remains to be added that wasting time, effort, and attention on things that are not dictated by your real need in life and are not established by unshakable confidence are not only thankful but also frankly incomplete. You do not spend the energy, health, and mental wealth of your precious lives that could be saved and spent on more important things, not only for you but also for your loved ones. Moreover, by deviating in this way, you risk missing the really important information and moving on to the really important issues that will depend on your life as a whole. So be very careful about choosing when you “don’t know what to do”. Avoid unnecessary knowledge.

Fedyashev closed his eyes and groaned in sadness.

” Hypochondria are shocked,” explained the aunt.

– I see: – said the doctor and again filled a glass. “Hypochondria are cruel greed, which keeps the spirit in a constant state of sadness … Here medicine knows different remedies … Here, for example, this …” He lifted the whole cup.

– Does not accept. – Aunt sighed.

“So they started the disease,” the doctor shook his head and drank. – There is another option to harden the soul by lowering the body to the pit …

– Wise. – confirmed the aunt. “But only after all, it’s summer now, where can I get an ice hole?”

“That’s it,” the doctor groaned. – Then there is the third way – talk. The word heals, removes the conversation from the mind. Want to talk, sir? – The doctor was full and lit a tube. (6)

It is necessary to warn that this technique is only one of the many fundamental consequences of the fundamental principle of joint venture learning: Solid Yes (Lecture, but you can even get acquainted with it before studying the source so that: a) You will come to this principle yourself prepared, because it is often easier to understand the whole thing when you get used to it. b) during this time you will build a solid foundation for your own experiences; c) in spite of its obvious simplicity and banality, the technique is so important that any delay can be expensive; d) It is directly related to the topic of the Neophyte Aims and Goals lecture (No. 1.2.1) and will help you to overcome uncertainty if you have not yet made your choice and will also help avoid noise.


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Great ‘Great mind sets goals. other people follow their wishes. ”

¨ “If you don’t know what to do, it’s better not to do it here” is one of the consequences of the tough Yes principle.

¨ In all cases and situations where there is no clear information, instructions, instructions, knowledge, What is specifically to be done at a given historical moment, what is to be done, the task is, if possible, to do nothing, that is: . do not make additional movements of body and mind.

¨ If a person is confident in the necessity and accuracy of the task, he or she is obliged to do everything possible to complete the task, no matter what the cost.

¨ If a person lives up to the strategy of his life and his own conscience, he has no time to be bored and inactive.

¨ Resist the temptation to tempt extra things.

¨ Every time this free time is created, try to calm down, relax, and ask yourself the question “What should I do now?” And after a few minutes your brain will provide the necessary information and present the field of activity.

¨ If you need an immediate response but don’t know what to do, trust your first feeling or body.

¨ You cannot divert the problem to a far corner, it is important to keep thinking about it.

Life One of the most dangerous expressions in life is the question “How to kill time”.

¨ Goal pursuit guarantees permanent employment, even if it is not linked to specific project implementation, but aims to enhance their knowledge and skills on the chosen topic, that is: about self-education and self-development.

Relax When choosing relaxation methods you should also be very careful.

¨ Wasting time, effort, and attention on things that are not dictated by the real necessity of life and are not established by unshakable confidence is not only an ungrateful occupation but also a sincere vicious one.

¨ Avoid unnecessary knowledge.

For an adolescent, a test is always a real test, as no one has yet quashed the fear of it or not. This is why the experts in this article have tried to look at this topic as broadly as possible and give effective advice, as you can test if you know nothing.

Here are some tips that can be helpful in testing a student’s knowledge:

  1. Lack of excitement. The excitement of the audience where the exams take place is meaningless, since nothing depends on the graduate. It is permissible to drink a small amount of valerian or fur tincture for rest, however, it is important not to satisfy it. Otherwise it is possible to slow down the speed of reaction and thinking that is so much needed now.

Before the exams, you can also skip something, such as an interesting movie, book, computer game, chat with friends.

Experts have noted that, on the contrary, the teacher must show his or her emotions and emotions. This will lead him to the idea that the reason for the bad answer is overly emotional.

  1. Giving more information when answering. In no case can you keep silent if you know nothing about an extended ticket. Why don’t all students and applicants know that investigators are also tested? Of course, if a blank sheet of paper is found during the test, and at the same time a good grade is on the exam, teachers will have problems. But if the answer is written on a leaflet, at least not on the subject, then the teacher is already given the opportunity to at least put a minimum mark, as the work is not checked in every detail. The verification is done according to the principle: There is a question. There is an answer.

A similar situation is with the form of an oral response. There may be other students in the audience who may have noticed that you didn’t say anything at all, but the sign was gratifying.

  1. The desire to respond is one of the first. Usually, at the beginning of the exam, teachers are in high spirits and happy – this is what can help an unprepared student to avoid failure. If you charm your answers and skip the main topic, the teacher will, of course, understand that the seller is very poorly acquainted with the ticket. And here are two possible ways to keep things going: The minimum will be set or sent to the last row for additional preparation.
  2. Establishing relationships with a special teacher. Of course, the outcome of the exam depends largely on the relationship that has developed at the moment with the teacher. If your attitude is damaged by this or that, you should not wait for the pros. The investigator will purposefully punish you to the end. For this reason, it is initially advisable to “seduce” teachers in a variety of ways: exemplary behavior, course preparation, obedience, or even a pleasant surprise. And even the slightest sign of attention and respect can help you in the most important moment. However, treatment work should only be performed prior to examination.
  3. Apply the exam with good mood and nice clothes. Even if the teenager who is going to take the exam is not ready at all, he or she still has to respect the traditions and generally accepted rules. So you should try to look irresistible on the exam, but without any hints of vulgarity (this factor applies to girls). If you ignore this moment, you can cause teachers to be offended and complained about non-compliance with school standards, as well as prohibitive rules of conduct.

Good mood is also very important in the exam, as it is “infectious” and can be easily transmitted to the interlocutor. Therefore, you have to come to the knowledge test with a cheerful and sincere smile on your face; it will probably not leave indifferent members of the electoral commission. By the way, joking is not forbidden, but it is important to know the remedy. Approach with a good approach will ensure a good grade.

  1. Choosing an exam place next to a wonderful student. When the exam is written and the student is completely unprepared for it, experts advise choosing students next to the subject who will be able to assist with writing the ticket. Even if the tips turn out to be inferior and “modest”, it should certainly help to avoid “mis-placement”. Of course, sympathy plays an essential role in this situation. For example, a beautiful girl is unlikely to be rejected by a recognized backgammon, and a beautiful boy is a girl, respectively.

The desk is a great option for a “landing” that closes your investigator as much as possible. It is recommended to sit next to or in front of a possible “assistant” so that it is easy to turn around and turn to him for help. Experts warn that it is impossible to sit behind him anyway, because if a trained student is constantly appealing to you, comments will be made against him. It is very bad to replace a person who has agreed to help. Also, it is not a fact that after the teacher’s first attention he or she decides to answer your questions and questions again.

It is better to communicate with notes, to transmit them better without turning, otherwise there is a risk of being noticed.

In addition, it is necessary to agree in advance on assistance during the investigation, but it would be appropriate to apply for it no sooner than 10 minutes. During this time, the opponent will be able to find the answer to his own question and be at rest.

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