Application to apply for a targeted Training Sample- Target course orientation

When preparing for admission to universities, it is customary to consider different options and, as they say, prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. Therefore, prospective applicants do not mind knowing that besides budget and trade, there are also opportunities to enter some of the professions in the so-called ‘target area’.

The peculiarity of the target collection is that the applicant comes to the university not only with USE grades but also from a particular company and department. Due to the fact that the company or department is required to pay for its training or budget funds for its training, the applicant does not participate in the general competition and the entrance exams are conducted in a special competition (but not outside the competition, as many mistakenly believe). If he successfully passes the tests, he is assigned to a chosen faculty, studied there, and after graduation goes to work for the enterprise for which he was paid. The obligations of the enterprise, the enterprise to the student, and the university to the enterprise are made up of a trilateral contract. At the same time, we should note thattarget collection   by the quota of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (for state agencies) and targeted contract training   (for enterprise guides). And though the term “purposefulness” legitimately refers only to the first species, it has expanded into everyday life.

The target recruiting system is packed with a number of features that applicants who want to do in the targeted area should know.

Who’s on the lists?

The point at which the company will apply to the university includes applicants who are somehow familiar with this company. It turns out that you should be familiar with the school. So business leaders “keep” their future staff at the very moment they are at school. What are some ways to “take care”? For example, all kinds of competitions that the company holds for students in the region. Or meetings with schoolchildren in businesses. Or thematic Olympiads organized or sponsored by the enterprise. Leaders notice who has burnt eyes, who shows interest, who shows their best, has every opportunity to get into the bidding list of sent applicants.

Even applicants whose parents have worked in the enterprise for many years and are trustworthy usually fall into the “target school”. Children often choose their parents’ profession, and in such cases the company leadership meets with them.

There are also great chances for those with secondary vocational education and already working in the enterprise. Usually, university leadership supports the desire to pursue higher education and higher education and gives it a dedicated direction.

Admission and training

The fact that the applicant has been on the target list does not mean that he will be admitted to the university without a competition. According to the rules, the competition in this case must be at least 1.2 people in one place. Of course, this is not as serious a test as a general competition, but according to the exam scores, the most powerful applicants are selected.

There is a caveat here: The contract stipulates that a student receiving a targeted education must be sufficiently educated. And that is why the school base is capable and knowledgeable. Therefore, competition in the target series is necessary.


An employment option for those who have learned the target direction for which the company has paid for or for whom the provincial budget has been allocated, only one has returned and worked out the deadline (specified in the contract) where it was sent. This is a plus, on the one hand, and minus on the other. Why?

The situation can be as follows. The student studied at a prestigious Moscow University, after which you can find decent work in the capital, and the direction was given by the administration, for example, the Irkutsk region. He should return to the Irkutsk region.

Another situation: One student was studying for a targeted city in one city, but she got married while studying at a university. He should also return and work out the due date, even if the family does not plan to move.

It is understandable that life situations develop in different ways, and it is impossible to assume that one is expected in the next five years. Accordingly, the tripartite contract with the applicant states that if he breaches the terms of the contract, he is obliged to return the company the amount of money spent on his training, and in some cases adds a fine. However, each situation is considered separately, and in some situations there are even legal issues (such as the pregnancy of the graduate or the health status of the graduate). As a rule, graduates who disagree with their participation turn to lawyers who specialize in such cases. Practice shows that someone manages to “quit”, and someone, for example, has to report to the prosecutor’s office.

Targeted reception nuances

Speaking of target admissions, it is difficult to summarize the information as each university, each enterprise makes its contract adjustments, however, let’s talk about some of the features of targeted admissions.
1. Target recruitment, as a rule, takes place in sectoral universities (energy, oil and gas, railways, light industry, etc.).
2. The “Target Students” admission procedure appears as the admission procedure for other students. This is a plus for applicants who have not passed the target package. There is still time to submit documents on a general basis.
3. The quota target set by the MoES in 2011 was no more than 20% of the total budget allocation at the university, while in 2010 the share was higher – 25%. In 2012, according to the statement of the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko, the targeted admission will be reduced by another 5% and will make 15%.
4. As for CPC (Targeted Contractual Training), the university has the right, according to its founder, to establish a larger proportion of applicants.

All options must be considered when preparing for university admission. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. The future applicant should know that besides the commercial and budgetary, there is one other option of admission – the targeted area.

  Concentration on learning – what is it?

The target area is the so-called official request of the employer or state concerned to the university. With this request the university is offered to provide a number of places for the training of students of certain professions. Target area is provided for individual, one profession and only one university. The student, for his part, who has received free education, agrees to work in a particular organization or to work for a state for some time (about 5 years).

  Target course orientation

You need to worry about submitting the documents in advance at the last school class. A professional alumni, headteacher, or classroom teacher can help solve this problem, you can act on your own.

  • The prospective student must decide on the profession that interests him or her and choose the appropriate university.
  • After that you should start looking for a business that is willing to pay for tuition. You have to ask for his leadership. In many cases, the deciding factor is where the parents work. The company strives to meet conscientious workers and pays for their child’s education. If the prospective applicant has difficulties in choosing a business, you can apply for local self-government. They always have contacts with organizations that collaborate in employment and training, with county or city authorities.
  • Apply to your local government where you indicate the direction you want to study. If you have been able to self-select an organization that has agreed to pay for the courses and has accepted the application there, attach the application.

How to get a targeted training course? Required documents

An application is made to the local authority for obtaining the target area, stating: The general education institution, the lesson the child learns. The university and the desired profession are mentioned. It will not be unnecessary to give a description of the student written by the school principal, as well as the application of the organization that is interested in this specialist.

When submitting documents to the educational institution in the target area, the applicant shall provide original certificate, examination results and other necessary documents. Only in this case will his application be considered. Simultaneous reception on a general and purposeful basis, but not particularly welcome.

The purpose and sides of the course


  • budget-based training;
  • 100% employment after graduation;
  • Providing places for all internships at state institutions.
  • the opportunity to receive scholarships;
  • Assistance and support by the organization during the training (collection of scientific articles and term papers).


Whatever your plans and wherever you study, after graduation you will have to go to work in the city where you received your degree. If a student is studying at a prestigious Moscow University, graduating from which they can offer him a decent job in the capital. However, if the training course was given by the Irkutsk district administration, it should return to the Irkutsk region.

No one guarantees paid work. You can enter an organization where you have to train in the absence of low wages and career growth.

Please note that with targeted courses you will not be able to change your profession. This is possible only through a close interconnection of professions. It will be necessary to speak seriously with the donor organization and provide guarantees of good learning.

Try to use any educational opportunities. If you are a purposeful and responsible person, you will be noticeable in that organization. You will have the opportunity to make a good career and earn a decent salary.

Targeted education is always free higher education with a few years of workplace guarantees after graduation.

For applicants who want to study on a budget basis and pursue a career in their profession, pursuing this career path is a cherished dream, a way forward for the future, and is valuable for career prospects.

Who has the right to target, how can the applicant get to the university, what are the grounds for refusing extradition? We will discuss all these issues in this article.

Learn with a job guarantee

Targeted training scheme in Russia has long been known. Earlier in the Soviet era, all universities distributed graduates to different regions of the country, where a new mining specialist was to begin his career. There is currently no mandatory distribution, but the state continues to be interested in compensating for the shortage of workers in the country evenly.

Against the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of certified lawyers, economists and managers, many applicants do not seem to regard it as a highly respected profession, such as veterinarian, environmentalist, historian – the problem of finding a job in the profession remains quite acute. Many have a profession, but because of their low salaries they do not become teachers, doctors.

Training in target areas to a certain extent solves the problem of personnel. The point is that a student pays tuition for a state or private enterprise. Upon graduation, the young specialist is required to find a job in the organization from which he or she received the offer and to work for 3-5 years.

If a graduate refuses to work out, he or she will have to return all the money spent on his / her professional training.

Getting this kind of education can be called a privilege because it is easier to get into the desired faculty. According to the results of the test, the grade is low. In rare cases (when it comes to the popular profession), competitors’ requirements can be quite stringent. One direction is given to only one specific person, it is forbidden to transfer it to another applicant, it is forbidden to use it for admission to several universities.

Targeted admission involves training on the basis of contracts entered into between a higher education institution representative;

  • a federal state body (for example, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, the General Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation);
  • State body of the founding organization of the Russian Federation (for example, the municipal authority designated for the constituent body of the Russian Federation to designate places of study in medical universities);
  • state city institution (school admission, gymnasium of pedagogical universities);
  • a state-owned enterprise or enterprise with a share of state-owned funds in authorized capital (Rosneft, Gazprom);
  • a commercial enterprise that has the means to pay for the training of its future staff.

In fact, they receive guidance from the state. It can be law enforcement (prosecutors), medical institutions, educational institutions that rely on the interest of young graduate teachers and others. Large enterprises can also pay the tuition fees for students. The procedure for obtaining an opportunity to learn at the expense of a state or other organization is different in each case, as the general provisions are adjusted taking into account the profile of the chosen profession and the rules of the educational institution.

By the way, the legislation on education allows for targeted admission to courses not earlier this year, but for graduates earlier. For such citizens, in addition to the list of required documents, it is necessary to provide employment or study information from the time of secondary education to admission.

Institute of Public Prosecutors

For the past twenty years the prosecutor’s office has been actively using conscription in the targeted area. It is not easy to fill the ranks of prosecutors. You must pass a number of special tests and meet certain requirements that apply to civil servants. In addition, work in law enforcement includes stress tolerance, dedication, high ethics, and excellent knowledge of Russian language, history and. If you meet the above criteria, you can apply to the prosecutor’s office to study university.

To do so, you should contact the District Attorney’s Office or a specialized agency (transport, environmental) and submit an application within the deadline stated on the official website (usually by June 20, 2016, where you plan to go to college).

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Certificate (if it has not yet been received, then statement of academic results for the first semester of the year):
  • your consent to work in the prosecution;
  • autobiography, personal record of staff;
  • passport copy (all completed pages are copied);
  • is typical of a school or seminary;
  • copy of military identity;
  • medical certificate (form 086).

In addition, psychological testing (testing) is required to qualify for the profession.

After discussion, the documents are sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, where they determine the number of places for examination.

If there are sufficient seats, a written correction is sent to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Personnel.

Disclaimers can be a number of factors. So having a criminal record with the candidate as well as close relatives will not allow him to become an employee of this department. In addition, the psychological properties found during testing can also be a barrier to work.

When deciding on a target admission, the health of the future prosecutor will be taken into account. There is a list listing the types of illnesses that preclude employment in the state (eg, severe nervous system diseases, vision impairment, cancer, etc.). )

If you have passed the tests and are in good health, you will be given a course that only takes place at the faculty of the Office of the Prosecutor, full time. This faculty is not available in all legal education institutions. There are several such universities in the country: Saratov, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Practice shows that direction is given to the nearest higher education institution by location, as well as to branches located in many cities.

Even with the documentary on budget education, no one has canceled excellent knowledge since admission.

  • Examination should be high in history, Russian language and literature.
  • The average score for admission is usually a little lower than for applicants, but that too must be overcome. Otherwise, getting involved is not out of the question, even if you are a “target”. Usually, the average score for applicants on a target basis is 230.
  • If several applicants have earned the same number of points, the registration is decided on the basis of additional information.
    • Gold (silver) medal.
    • diplomas,
    • victories in the Olympics, etc.

Upon graduation, the alumnus is required by law to have a job in the personnel department where he or she is sent. In some cases, by agreeing with your employer (represented by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation), you can stay in another province. If it happens that for some reason the graduate cannot become a prosecutor or work for more than five years, he or she will be charged the full cost of the training.

Medical Universities

Targeted training for future physicians is governed by decisions made at the federal level: The state is particularly interested in qualified medical personnel, with large sums being spent annually from the country’s budget.

A special committee of the provincial community body must make a decision to provide targeted directions to the medical university. Careful monitoring of the labor market is carried out, and conclusions are drawn in terms of the shortage of professionals in a particular category.

An applicant who wishes to pursue a course in the medical profession must submit a completed secondary education certificate to the city body, as well as obtain the required number of “passing” credits. In addition, only those who receive free higher education for the first time can receive training in targeted courses.

It is important to know the time when the application is accepted: If you miss the deadline, a new opportunity will only be introduced for next year. Such information is available on the City Hall website or directly at the medical university. So in 2016 the application could have been submitted already in March, the last possible deadline being June 10th.

At the educational institution you can find out what documents you need to submit to have the appeal reviewed. This is basically.

  • Application for Allocation of Target Area – Formed in an approved form, the form can be obtained from the Ministry of Education, municipality or university;
  • a copy of the general passport (sheets and registration in the applicant’s name)
  • all kinds of emails, documents confirming participation in the Olympics, competitions, etc.

Upon receipt of applications, a list is compiled, from which the best students will be selected based on the results of the exam and will be validated until the first year.

Become a teacher teacher!

How to get to the Pedagogical University? Just at the university you can find a list of schools and colleges with which contracts are signed. After that, you should interview the principal of the selected school to get his focus on working in this institution. If your candidacy is approved, you can easily get a referral.

Pedagogical profile institutes and universities are quite willing to accept education for those who will be guaranteed to work in schools as this will solve the problem of teacher shortages. It is especially true for those who want to work as teachers in remote areas, villages, and cities. There are few Wish beds, so it’s not difficult for them to compete.

Some Moscow universities have specially created capitals only for the purposeful recruitment of the capital’s graduates.

For example , the Moscow Pedagogical University has more than 100 seats for graduates of the Moscow City and Moscow region. The facility has been practicing for many years in the district education departments of Moscow, while the applicant can participate in a general competition at the same time. Upon graduation, the young teacher will work in one of the district’s schools, where she will receive a privileged opportunity to study for free.

How to find an employer?

Contact University

To find the company that will pay for your education, you should go straight to university, as there may be lists of companies with whom there are contractual links for targeted student enrollment.

  • For example, you can become a “target” at the Moscow Railway University, the Russian OJSC, the Moscow metro.
  • Every year, RUDN creates places to train future staff at Mosenergo, Gidrospetsproekt.
Contact the Ministry of Education

You can also apply through the school administration or yourself to the district municipality, where you can find out which employers have applied for the target contract. Such information can be reported to the district education ministry as well as to the directly selected university. It is necessary to deal with this problem in the winter, on the eve of the year of receipt.

You can find the company yourself as well. It’s no secret that large companies also need experts who are ready to pay for their education.

What to do when an employer is found?

If you have responded to your application and the matter has been resolved positively, you will need to submit a tripartite agreement to the selected institution selection committee, which will indicate your prospective employer details and the number of years you will be required to work. A thorough reading of the contract will help avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of hard payments or elaborate terms (for example, there have been cases where the company has indicated both 10 and 12 years of mandatory compliance in the Target Agreement).

In addition, you should carefully review the provisions of the applicant’s rights agreement.

  • Will he or she receive social assistance (scholarship, medical care),
  • how to solve the issue of housing (dormitory will be provided).
  • Pay attention to the date of posting when completed. – in practice, there were cases when the graduate did not appear in the recruitment organization for forgetting, which subsequently served as a basis for a judicial examination.

The contract must also state justifiable reasons for not fulfilling the graduation duties: Disability or disability of one of his relatives (one of his parents, spouse, child), special circumstances (liquidation, bankruptcy of the enterprise, etc.).

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