JUPEB Frequent ask question (FAQ) Base on JUPEB frequent ask Question, on this page, we have answered most of the Frequently Asked Questions about JUPEB. However, kindly contact us if you need more clarification. Also register for your JUPEB with us and we promise that you will get the required grades to enter 200 level in the university of your choice.

How JUPEB Works

Candidates will choose 3 subjects that are related to the course he/she wishes to study in the university. After then, the candidate will receive lecture for 2 semesters at a study center. There will be examination for the candidate at the end of the program. And after the exam, candidates will receive a certificate which they will use to obtain admission into 200 Level in a Nigerian or a foreign university.

How JUPEB Result Is Calculated

There are 6 grades available in the JUPEB exam, A, B, C, D, E, and F. You get an A when you score between 70 – 100%, a B when you score between 60 – 69%, a C when you score between 50 – 59 %, a D when you score between 45 – 49%, an E when you score between 40 – 44% and a F when you score between 39% and below. A is 5 points, B is 4 points, C is 3 points, D is 2 point, E is 1 point, and F is 0 point. So, when you score B in your first subject, D in the second and A in the third, your grade will be sum of all the points. It will be B + D + A, which is 4 + 2 + 5 = 11 points.

The best thing a candidate can do is to put in his/her greatest effort for the program to get a high grade. Universities prefer students with higher grades but some universities still take candidates that score 2 Es in the 3 compulsory subjects.

Has JUPEB Registration Closed

What is meant by closing JUPEB registration is when you can no longer apply in that year. The reason is that each university has its own date of opening and closing JUPEB registration. There is no general date for JUPEB registration.

Has JUPEB Result Been Released

To check Jupeb result , we have three methods you can check if JUPEB result has been released or not. One, the university you choose. Two, on JUPEB portal and lastly, at you JUPEB lecture center. In most cases, JUPEB results are release after 3 months of the examination.